Norma TAC-22 Subsonic Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose


Norma TAC-22 Subsonic Ammunition is a reasonably priced, high quality ammunition mainly for practice, hunting and plinking. The projectile is a 40 grain lead hollow point with a muzzle velocity of 1033 FPS. It shoots consistent tight groupings and offers reliable fast firing energy transfer due hollowpoint regardless the relevant shooting distance. NORMA TAC-22 Subsonic is a perfect match for any suppressed weapon and where low sound emmisions are required.



  • Hollow point bullet for plinking and hunting.
  • Lower velocity below sound barrier (subsonic)
  • Great accuracy because of stable trajectory
  • Perfect round for plinking and hunting
  • Affordable and reliable with great accuracy and consistent performance
  • Great choice for manual loading weapons with mounted silencers